• Instructor Needed

    Instructor needed for Pennsylvania and southwest New Jersey classes. Must have current active USCG Captain's license!

  • Looking For a Boating School in New Jersey?

    Look no further than Coast Boating School. We specialize in boat safety, classes, lessons, hands-on training, and so much more. Trust a boating school with the experience and licensing you need to be confident on the water. Call today or view our class schedule to choose a class.

  • Hands-On Boat Training Classes and Lessons

    We'll give you the tools you need to feel confident in maneuvering, handling, maintenance, night mapping, laws, proper use of equipment, safety and other topics relating to boating. Boat delivery is also available along the East Coast. Call today for more information.

  • Certification - It's the Law!

    If you are operating a motorized vessel in the state of New Jersey, you need Boat Safety Certification. There are restrictions on age, but most state-issued boat certificates will be accepted in other states. Please visit our resources page for more info. Make sure you are meeting the NASBLA requirements.

Hands-On Boat Training

The best way to learn how to do something is to do it! Here at Coast Boating School that is exactly what we do. We focus on hands-on boat lessons and classes to get your familiar with how the boat works and what to do in case of emergency.

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We offer boating lessons and classes throughout the state of New Jersey. Click here to find the class that is closest to you so we can get you registered and ready for certification.

Boating school, serving the state of New Jersey since 1987 for private boat classes, boating certifications, hands-on training, and more.

Coast Boating School LLC was the first private boating school approved by the State of New Jersey in 1987. We are the largest private boating school in NJ, with more than 500 classes scheduled per season, and have certified over 60,000 students. Our course is approved by National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the New Jersey State Police. This means we meet a higher standard than just State approval.  Don’t be fooled by boating schools that state their instructors are NASBLA approved or their course meets NASBLA contents. Only a NASBLA approved course certificate is valid in every state. A NASBLA approved certificate also allows you an insurance discount.  Make sure the boating school you choose has the NASBLA logo posted.

Coast Boating School is the only full-time boating school in New Jersey.  We maintain an office in Tom’s River all year and are here to answer all of your questions.

Our instructors are licensed United States Coast Guard Captains with many years of boating experience and are also trained and certified individually as instructors by the State, including background checks.

Our classroom course covers: safety, rules of the road, operating requirements, personal watercraft, New Jersey specific laws, and much more.  All our classes are multi-day classes completed in two (2) sessions and include one (1) hour of homework between the sessions and the proctored exam. If you receive an 80% or better on your written exam, you will walk away with a usable temporary certificate. Taking a one-day course is a difficult way to learn the information and we do not recommend it. Our two-day course has a 98% pass rate.

We also do the proctored exam for the on-line boating safety course offered by Boat-Ed.com.  The online course has an 86% pass rate and costs the same for course and proctored exam.

Private classes are offered for groups of 8 or more. For more information or to answer any questions on these types of class, please contact us at any time. Remember, a boating safety course will increase your knowledge and add to your confidence. We are here to make boating safer and therefore more fun!

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  • Now Hiring!

    Must have a current USCG Captain's license and they have to be able to do evening classroom classes in all of our Southwest Jersey and Pennsylvania locations.

    Contact Captain Russ for more information: Phone: (732) 279-0562