Boating Classes

Find Boating School Classes in New Jersey

Coast Boating School LLC provides you with a class that provides you with the NJ Boating Safety Certificate required by law to operate a boat in NJ. The class includes: information about your boat, handling your boat safely, navigational rules, aids to navigation, laws and requirements, boating emergencies and water sports. The second night includes passing a test to receive the certificate. We are NASBLA approved, which makes your card valid in every state.

Call 732-279-0562 now to enroll in our boating school in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What you’ll learn in our classes

The teachers at Coast Boating School will teach you all the basics of boat driving. In this course, you’ll learn the:

  • Different parts of a boat
  • Types of watercraft
  • Proper way to fuel your boat
  • Right way to dock and cast off
  • Waterway traffic laws
  • Various regulations surrounding personal watercraft

Once you’ve taken our course, you’ll be all set to operate your first boat in the summer. Contact us today to learn more about our boat classes in NJ and other locations.