Who needs a NJ Boating Safety Certificate? How often does it have to be renewed?

As of June 1, 2009, all power vessel operators, regardless of date of birth, will be required to possess a boat safety certificate issued by the New Jersey State Police. This includes wave-runners and jet-skis. This certificate never needs renewing.

What is the difference between a boating safety certificate and a boat license?

Every power vessel operator in NJ must have in their possession a NJ Boating Safety Certificate Only those operating on non-tidal water (lakes and reservoirs) need to have, in addition, a boat license. This is an endorsement placed on your driver’s license by motor vehicle and cannot be done without showing your NJ Boating Safety Certificate.

How old do I need to be to get my NJ Boating Safety Certificate?

Children as young as 12 may take the course, but will not be issued a certificate until they reach their thirteenth birthday. From 13 to 16 their certificate allows them to operate an electric trolling motor or less than 10 total HP. At 16 they can operate any power boat including wave-runners and jet-skis, including out-of-state residents.

I live in another state; do I still need a NJ Boating Safety Certificate to operate my boat in NJ?

Yes. Only exception is if you are passing through with your boat and possess a valid boating safety certificate from your state or from a NASBLA approved course.

Do I need a NJ Boating Safety Certificate if I have a USCG Captain's license?

A person holding a current USCG Captain’s license may operate without a NJ Boating Safety Certificate as long as they are always in possession of their captain’s license while operating.

My friend was notified that he had to retake the course because it was not a valid course. What is a valid course?

Valid courses have time restrictions within the State law. Any person attending any approved class and is more than 10 minutes late cannot be allowed into the class.

A one-day course must be at least 8 hours in classroom time not counting breaks. It must consist of in-person, formal instruction provided by a NJ State approved instructor, and culminate with a closed book, in-person, proctored exam. The time required to complete the exam is included within the 8 hour time requirement No more than 1 ten minute break is permitted per hour. Meal breaks, etc. cannot be included in the 8 hour time requirement.

A multiple day course must consist of at least 7 hours of in-person, formal instruction by a NJ State approved instructor and 1 hour of homework. The course must culminate with a closed book, in-person, proctored exam. Written homework must be assigned as necessary, so that the total course time (7 hours or more of in-person instruction + homework + written test) equals 8 hours. The time required to complete the exam is not counted within the 7 hours of in-person instruction. No more than 1 ten minute break is permitted per hour. Meal breaks, etc. are not included within the 6 hours of in-person instruction.

I haven't received my card or I need a replacement - what do I do now?

The New Jersey State Police Marine Division issues your certificate and is the only one that can replace it.

Go to www.NJSP.org/maritime and click on the picture of the certificate.

Follow the directions for getting a replacement card.

For Parents:

How do I recieve my childs's New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate?

Your child’s name and information has been entered into the State’s database. In order for you to receive the child’s certificate the state requires you to do the following.

Your child must be 13 years of age and have taken and passed an approved NJ boating safety course when they were at least 12 years of age.

By US Postal Service Mail:

Enclose a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a copy of their successful completion of the course, copy of parent’s driver;s license (proof that the parent is requesting the certificate), a note asking for the child’s Safe Boating Certificate along with the address that it should be mailed to and the parent’s phone number.

Send to:
New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau Certificate
PO Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628

Information about the class:

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